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Local Service Company In South Carolina Increased Leads By 50% Using FlytPlan's Local SEO & Content Marketing Strategy

Overview & Challenge

Carolina Climate Control, located in South Carolina, faced an uphill climb: a hyper-competitive HVAC market led by long-time local heavyweights in Charleston.

3 challenges were presented from the owner, Marshall Gay:

"1. I wanted to make at least a small name for myself for starters.

2. I wanted to be found quickly when prospect clients searched for terms/companies that provided the services we provided.

3. I wanted to create a brand name in a fun way. With their help our brand has become one of the most popular companies in our area."

The Solution

Starting with the foundation of unique branding, a fully optimized website, and a continuous, relentless content marketing plan, Carolina Climate Control's visibility started to grow - and grow rapidly.

From the owner, Marshall Gay:

"I have grown from a one man company to over thirty employees in under 7 years with a profitable business. SEO/ Digital Marketing has played a huge role in our ability to stay in front of our target customers from day one."

The Impact

From the owner, Marshall Gay:

"SEO & digital marketing have been a vital part in my companies continued annual growth. I was lucky enough to meet him before I started my company.

From day one he helped me with everything from designing my logo to building an entire website. Once we went live (within 5-6 months) we moved quickly to page 1 on Google due to Daniel's knowledge of what content was relevant as well as what type of work we were looking to perform.

For a guy who knew nothing about my industry he learned fast and soaked everything up like a sponge. This really helped with the blog content he created on a weekly basis for us.

Overall Daniel and his team have been a huge factor in Carolina Climate Control's growth and relevance in our market/industry. If it weren't for him I believe we would not have known the success we have today. I would highly recommend their services!"
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